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Introducing After Eight

After Eight. Not too early, not too late.

The perfect time to slow down and enter a world of good: our passions. Conversing and consuming in considered fashion – in more ways than one.

We’re an empowering social platform for women, like us, who want to support and shop socially-responsible designer fashion. Who are switching off from the demands of the day and turning on the things we love. The kids (or pets) are in bed. Emails can wait until tomorrow. There’s a cuppa (or a glass!) in hand. Indulging in a slow fashion.

Because here we are. No cape in sight, but with a clear mission: to do some good in an industry led by waste. To improve awareness and knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes and inform about the difference you can make through what you wear.

We’re here to help educate (and continue to learn alongside you!) about sustainability in fashion. Let’s just say we knocked over our wine when we learnt that 80% of the textiles used worldwide end up in landfill. So we’re busy working towards clearing the industry smokescreens by asking the curious questions. Going behind the ‘seams’. To get answers and advice and share it so we can all learn and grow and wear. Together. Bringing you engaging, entertaining, and helpful content about considered fashion, including styling tips on how to wear it – including from your existing wardrobe.

We’re also working behind the scenes to curate a conscious collection of slow fashion and brands led by sustainable practices for our online store. Meanwhile, our personal styling service, either IRL or virtually, shows you how to wear and style each piece, starting with what you already own. Our motto? Buy once, buy well.

When it comes to ethical fashion, we don’t know it all yet. No-one really does. But with over 30 years collective experience between us across fashion, styling and media, as well as a true passion for the industry, we’re excited to continue to learn and support it as it grows.

So here’s your invitation to join us as we commit to sharing and celebrating the innovative practices and people that protect the wellbeing of the environment, the worker, and the end wearer – you.

So take all the time you need. There’s no fast fashion here.

Emma & Fleur

After Eight

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