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The Importance of Getting Dressed Every Day (If you want to.)

The Importance of Getting Dressed Every Day (If you want to.)

Routines. Remember those? In the last 18 months, most of us have (been forced to) develop new ones.

One of the biggest impacts of those changed routines has been on what we wear.

Whether working from home or just with fewer places to go, the option to not wear ‘proper clothes’ was, at first, a delight. Working in your pyjamas? Meetings in your activewear? Heaven!

But is it just us or is anyone else missing getting dressed? When the days blur into each other and the same comfy outfit is repeated - although can someone answer why there never seems to be less washing!? - the art of selecting and wearing a great outfit acts as a big differentiator and mood booster.

Of course, we’re big advocates for doing whatever makes you happy. (And we’re still fans of #TeamTrackies). But we’re guessing if you’re here, then your mind (and perhaps online shopping habits) may also be wandering back to real life dressing up.

Here’s why, whether you’re in lockdown, working from home, or taking things slow, getting properly dressed should be an important - and exciting - part of your new routine.

1. It really does make a difference to how you feel.

And yes, there’s science to back it up. The psychological theory is called ‘enclothed cognition’ and speaks to the idea that the clothes we choose to wear can influence our mood, behaviour and overall confidence. It’s that feeling when you wear or find something that fits perfectly or transforms the way you look or feel about yourself. It makes you act differently - more confident, more productive, and more motivated. It can also give us a sense of control and purpose.

For you, that could mean returning to your love of great tailoring, or luxurious fabrics, editorial edge or even embracing bright colours. Remember - it’s not about what the outfit looks like but whether it makes you feel good.

2. It’s a great signal you mean business.

 A change in clothing can be a signal to your brain that it’s time to focus on the tasks at hand. Just like having a designated environment to be productive, getting dressed changes your mindset. And when you feel powerful and put together, it translates. There’s a reason we say to ‘dress for success’. On the flip side, that might also mean a welcome return to your beloved loungewear once the work day is done...

3. It’s a time to experiment.

Feel like wearing a silk gown on a Tuesday? Shorts in the middle of winter? A bold combination or layering style that you’ve never been brave enough to wear outside? Four outfits in a day? There are literally no rules! It’s the perfect time to check in with your style and self-expression and find what you love. Oh, and also finally break in those shoes you can’t wait to wear but know will cripple your feet.

4. You don’t have to rush in. 

What constitutes ‘getting properly dressed’ is entirely up to you. Nor do you have to go right back into the full blazer and heels. It could be as simple as accessorizing: choosing a colourful lipstick and or bold pair of earrings to add colour and have fun with for those endless Zoom meetings. (Time to get the jewellery box out and have some fun with those earrings that haven’t been worn since weddings in 2019!).

Getting dressed is a small step, alongside exercise, shower, meditation and daily coffee, that can help create a normal start to your day in times of change or turbulence.

So if it’s a creative outlet you love and miss, consider this your reminder of the importance of getting dressed every day - if you want to.

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