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The After Eight guide to Melbourne Fashion Festival

The After Eight guide to Melbourne Fashion Festival

March means one thing: Melbourne Fashion Festival.

A celebration and exploration of all things style, it’s a perfect mix of runways, keynotes, workshops and activities.

Two favourite After Eight brands, ESSE and Anna Quan, have already sold-out shows but don’t worry - there’s still plenty to see.

Not sure where to start or what’s genuinely unmissable?

Here’s the After Eight guide to the best sustainable fashion events to attend - whether you’re FROW or dialling in from the couch.

In Melbourne

Future From Waste Lab - FREE

Friday 4th - Saturday 12 March, 12 - 3pm

Your chance to experience an experimental, sustainable fashion workroom first hand.

Some style maths for you: 93% of the 6,000kg of clothing Australians throw out every 10 minutes ends up in landfill.

The Future From Waste Lab turns this waste into want by repurposing post-consumer textiles into luxury fashion pieces with iconic Australian brands including KITX, Romance Was Born and Art Club by Heidi Middleton. Old garments are washed, cut and sewn into new pieces, then photographed and sold directly from the lab to create an entirely circular process. 

This is your opportunity to see the entire process and discuss with staff about the future of fashion made from waste.

SUGGESTED: Be part of the experimental event series BETA by STH BNK and in collaboration with KITX.

Reserve your free ticket here.

Attend Anywhere

Future of Fashion Resale - Free webinar

Tuesday 8th March, 8:30AM

Secondhand fashion is fast becoming a first priority for brands. A fast-growing retail segment, in this free webinar you’ll hear from experts and global brands who’ve successfully launched their resale channels, including Madewell, Levi’s, Gucci and H&M, plus Director of Research at The Business of Fashion and co-author of “The Future of Fashion Resale” report, Diana Lee.

With an estimated $2.1 trillion of fashion sitting untouched in wardrobes, pre-loved fashion is most certainly in style. (And made even easier with After Eight Pre-Loved, launching 17 March.)

Register for your free ticket here.

Styling Sustainable Fashion - Free, online

Thursday 10th March, 7PM

A digital showcase, streaming live from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Bringing together Indonesian fashion influences in a talk-show format, this exciting event is the final outcome of “Promoting Three-Pillars of Sustainability,” the grant scheme project promoting Indonesian handmade batik with natural dyes to empower female artisans.

Register for your free ticket here.

Discover the full program of events at

After Eight eyes on: Van Der Kooij and ALEMAIS. See them here.

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