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AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Paloma Rose Garcia, Founder of one of Sydney’s best salons aptly named, PALOMA

AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Paloma Rose Garcia, Founder of one of Sydney’s best salons aptly named, PALOMA

When Paloma Rose Garcia opened her namesake hair salon, PALOMA, in Sydney’s leafy Paddington it was her love for mother nature that inspired its sustainable roots.  Not only is the salon 98% recyclable (a pledge they took when joining Sustainable Salons - more on that below), they make and use their own natural cleaning products, their power supply is sourced off grid - thanks to Power Shop, and they use water saving devices on all basins. This is our kind of Salon.

PALOMA is a proud member of Sustainable Salons, a global network of hairdressers, barbers and groomers, who pledge to minimise their salons’ impact by diverting 95% of resources from landfill. A worthy cause in our eyes! Paloma’s love for our planet doesn’t stop with her business - she is an advocate for change in all aspects of her life, including where she buys her clothes from. Dressing only from brands that align with her values, such as After Eight and New Zealand's sustainable fashion poster brand, Maggie Marilyn.

She credits Maggie Marilyn as an industry icon who is paving the way for sustainability. We wholeheartedly agree, in fact Emma and I both own MM pieces and have been inspired by the brand from the beginning of After Eight.  An inspirational and beautiful woman inside and out, it was an absolute honour to sit down with Paloma to talk about her love of mother earth, fashion, vedic meditation, and music. 

 Me: You’re driving change and setting higher standards in sustainability in the industry. Why is this important to you? And how have you seen it come to life at PALOMA and in your personal life?  

Paloma: I have been told I have a big heart, and really, I just care so so much for mother earth, the animals, the ecosystems, the insects, the ocean and beyond! My efforts in my business to create change are really just an extension of my personal values. The climate crisis is here, there is no time to wait and I always put my money where my mouth is. Over the last three years it’s been so beautiful to see the PALOMA brand values come to life. As individuals or a business, we all yield real power and influence as a consumer, a voter, and a member of a community that can unite for change. Joined by thousands or millions of people around the world, we create movement that is inclusive, impactful, and impossible to ignore.

Me: What does it mean to you to be a member of Sustainable Salons? 

Paloma: It means everything. It is a non-negotiable. 

Me: Let’s talk about designers who, in your opinion, are setting a high standard and leading the charge in the sustainability space?

Paloma: Without a doubt Maggie Marilyn. She is paving the way, and setting the standards for how the fashion industry can create real change.

Me: How have you seen your customers change since we have become so much more aware of the impact of climate change and therefore the importance of sustainability?

Paloma: 100% our guests are modern people of substance and style who are investing in their sense of self and wellbeing whilst being so aware to make minimal impact on mother earth. Every decision is conscious.

Me: What advice do you have for someone new to the sustainability space – where do they start? 


  1. Your power supplier, that’s a 5 min job.
  2. Livestock, reduce your animal intake.
  3. Transport, walk, public transport, invest in electric.
  4. Banking, bank wisely and use to get educated.
  5. Join Groundswell giving organisation from $20/week assist to making grass roots changes our country.  

    Me: How has your deep care for Mother Earth translated into your fashion choices?

    Paloma: I have made a conscious effort to reduce my personal spending. When I’m considering a piece to buy I always ask myself “Do I want, or need it?” And, I only shop with brands my values align with. 

    Me: What are the top five favourite pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? 

    Paloma:  Maggie Marilyn Fleeting Glance dress, Esse high neck rib tank from After Eight, Holly Ryan Picasso pendant necklace, a black made to order silk illuminated shirt, and Nagnata loungewear.

    Paloma wears ESSE tank (coming soon) and Released From Love Gold Ear Cuff.

    Me: When it comes to fashion inspiration do you have a style icon?  

    Paloma: No not at all, I do my own thing.

    Me: What are you reading/listening to/watching? Paloma: Listening to Air, Solange, Leadbelly, Future, Cat Power, D’Angelo. Music is everything. Me: When the clock strikes After Eight, what are the things you gravitate towards?

    Paloma: Vedic meditation. 20 mins morning and night. An absolute game changer. Follow @palomarosegarcia Follow @paloma_salon Follow @its_aftereight

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