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AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Lisa Wipfli, Fashion Muse and Co-Owner of Nourishing Bubs.

AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Lisa Wipfli, Fashion Muse and Co-Owner of Nourishing Bubs.

Influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit surrounding her - her husband, Mike, family and close friends, Lisa was inspired to create a project of her own. Enter Nourishing Bubs.  As mums ourselves we adore the work Lisa (and her business partner, Olivia) do to create accessible, nutrient-rich food for kids.

Nourishing Bubs, has saved us from kitchen chaos many a time. It’s not just business-life that Lisa thrives in, she has a knack for putting together swoon-worthy looks, including how she has beautifully styled our Aaizel Bralette dress, pictured.

“Fashion is definitely the most prominent change I have made. I’ve minimised my wardrobe and now focus on buying better quality, sustainable items rather than fast fashion items I used to buy”, she says. We sat down with Lisa, after eight, to chat with her about her growing business, her fashion hits and misses, plus juggling mum and business while managing to look so chic.

Us: We'd love to hear the story of Nourishing Bubs - from concept to launch.

Lisa: Wow, what a journey it has been. Starting a business is a wild rollercoaster but it’s been so rewarding. I can’t take the credit though, Olivia Bates the Founder and Paediatric Dietitian and dear friend of mine is the brains behind Nourishing Bubs and Nourishing Kids.  She came to me with the idea when it was in concept phase and I loved it so much and instantly saw how useful it would be for parents. I also truly believed in Olivia as a person and her morals and passion for children’s nutrition. I asked Liv if I could be her business partner and she agreed. It’s been four years of highs and lows but we have continued to grow and become a household name for parents. We not only have our baby food range (Nourishing Bubs), but we have recently expanded into nutritious ready-made frozen meals for toddlers (Nourishing Kids), and excitingly we have a number of other products launching this year.

Us: What would be your top 3 tips to Mothers that want to start their own business venture?


  1. Know that it’s going to be a seriously hard juggle but if it’s what you truly believe in, don’t give up.
  2. Stay focused all of the time and be super organised. Write your to do list every night for the next day to avoid anxiety and a bad night sleep.
  3. Have strict guidelines as to when it’s ‘play with the kids’ time and when it’s ‘work time’. Don’t be on your phone when you’re trying to play with the kids. You’ll feel like you’re doing two things poorly and you will have mum guilt. When you are working, focus just on this ie: when baby is asleep or kids are at school and then when you’re parenting, be completely present and put your phone away.

    Us: Who would you say has been influential in your life and how have they helped shape the Woman you are today?

    Lisa: I am so fortunate to have always been surrounded by supportive and positive family and friends. It definitely started with my parents, who are both incredibly hard working and have always instilled this work ethic in my sister and I. There were no handouts, if we wanted something, we had to work for it. They taught as the value of money and supported us and guided us in everything we did and have always been there to pick up the pieces when things didn’t go to plan.

    Mike has also been a tremendous support. He is so entrepreneurial and seeing him juggling so many side projects, motivated me to have my own project. I think it’s so important to continue to push yourself, use your brain and strive for personal development, no matter how old you are. I also believe that surrounding yourself with supportive and driven friends makes you more motivated. Most of my friends have some sort of side hustle outside of being a mum, and it’s great to bounce ideas off these friends, collaborate with them and just generally keep you motivated. 

    Us: What does sustainability mean to you and in which parts of your life do you make more conscious sustainable decisions?

    Lisa: Sustainability to me is about considering the impact on the environment when making purchases for myself and the family. I must admit I’ve been one of the slow adaptors to this, however, now it’s definitely a focus for me across all facets of my purchasing decisions. Fashion is definitely the most prominent change I have made. I’ve minimised my wardrobe and focusing on better quality, sustainable items rather than the fast fashion items I used to buy. I also consider it when buying food for the family - for example, our meat intake, as a family, has gone down and we’ve become better at recycling in general.  

    Us: When it comes to Fashion inspiration, do you have a style icon or what influences your purchases and how you dress?

    Lisa: My style icons do change and I’m influenced heavily by instagram. I love Leandra Cohen, Alexa Chung, Laura Wills and Lara Worthington. My style is the juxtaposition between feminine dresses and masculine tailoring.

    Us: What are the top five favourite pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?


    1. P Johnson Femme Suit
    2. A pair of Chanel slingback shoes
    3. A great quality white tee
    4. A high rise classic pair of jeans – Agolde are my favourite
    5. LBD- the classic black strapless dress from ESSE I adore and a Cecilie Bahansen black dress

      Us: We talk a lot about investing in quality. What is your favourite old piece of clothing that you still wear today?

      Lisa: Definitely my 6 year old Chanel classic flat pumps. They are an investment but so worth it. The cost per wear makes them a bargain. Also, my good quality cashmere jumpers.

      Us: Worst and best Fashion moment?

      Lisa: Haha, this made me think back to the 90’s. There’s been quite a few on the worst list that’s for sure. Worst –Extra low rise brown corduroy flared pants I wore non-stop in my early 20’s with a stiletto heal out clubbing. Best – Without a doubt the Christian Dior gown I wore to an event this year, or my wedding dress. I still love it even eight years later.

      Us: What are you reading/listening to/watching?

      Lisa: Reading – The Body Keep the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk – I have this rule that I alternative between one fiction, one non-fiction book. Listening – I’m not a podcast girl, I prefer reading. Watching – Mare of Easttown.

      Us: When the clock strikes After Eight, what are the things you gravitate towards?

      Lisa: On the weekend - These days it’s a tracksuit and a glass of Culy Flat or a dirty Martini and a good show or book, and of course a mask on my face. Midweek - it’s a tracksuit, a camomile tea and my laptop to do work. When we’re not in lockdown, we love to go out for dinner and I love getting dressed up. Follow @lisawipfli Follow @nourishingbubs Follow @its_aftereight

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