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AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Jordie Legudi, Founder of Selling Your Wardrobe.

AFTER EIGHT CONVERSATIONS: Jordie Legudi, Founder of Selling Your Wardrobe.

Whether it’s an iconic Chanel boy bag, the sold-out Fendi sandal or the sneaker of the moment (it’s Golden Goose currently, FYI), the best high-end designer fashion is just a DM away at designer resale account Selling Your Wardrobe.

Jordie Legudi is the driven and talented brain behind the hugely successful platform that highlights circular fashion at its best. And with 20,000 fans (including us!) it’s clear the demand to give beautiful pieces a second life is stronger than ever.

We sat down for a chat about growing Selling Your Wardrobe and what sets it apart, juggling work life balance as an entrepreneur and mum of boys, the reality of success in fashion, and the five pieces she wears constantly on rotation.

Two joyous hours later, we left even bigger admirers of her classic and timeless style and go-getting attitude.


Us: What is Selling Your Wardrobe in five words or less?

Jordie: A designer resale platform.

Us: We have watched your journey from the beginning (and may or may not have purchased a few of your pre-loved handbags!) Tell us more about how the business works and how you are different to other pre-loved options out there?

Jordie: Thank you. Basically I act as the middle person between buyer and seller. It’s really a platform for people who want to remain anonymous or who are time poor (and don’t have time to deal with buyers’ questions etc). I manage the entire transaction and only pay the seller once the item has been safely received and is as described. We’ve found this to be a great way to protect the buyer’s funds and gain trust.

I think the thing that really sets Selling Your Wardrobe apart is the direct messaging element to it and how available we are. We are fast to respond to all the messages from buyers who want more info (images, specs, condition etc) and generally this makes for a faster sale which is a win for all parties!


Us: Is sustainability a big motivator for you considering you play in the circular fashion world?

Jordie: I absolutely love this aspect of the business. Often I have clients who are selling their items as they simply don’t use them any more – NOT that they necessarily need the money but they like the idea of the circular economy and that their beautiful piece is off to a home where it will be used more.

Us: Who would you say has been influential in your life and how have they helped shape the woman you are today?

Jordie: I would definitely say my parents as I saw first-hand how hard they both worked with their own businesses. Running your own business isn’t for everyone but I think being exposed to the benefits and rewards really motivated me to get this going. I have always been a go-getter and that comes from being surrounded by that energy.

Us: We’ve heard that at one point you were working full-time and also had a fashion label on the side. How did you do it!?

Jordie: OMG – I cannot remember a more stressful time in my life to be honest! I would be packing orders at my desk on my lunch break and running to the post office whilst working a corporate role, which, after I left, they went on to recruit six people for (in other words I was doing the role of six people). I would have to take annual leave for the photoshoots and when the samples arrived we were lucky to have a tailor next door who would do the alterations to ensure we could take the samples to showings. We had agents all around Australia and NYC and celebrities wearing our collections. We wanted it to do well so badly that we just kept going until we both decided we wanted kids and thought it was time to wrap up the label, which at the end of the day wasn’t where it needed to be (even though on the surface it looked like it was killing it!)

Us: Has your style changed over the years? Who or what do you think has influenced you the most?

Jordie: I think my style is pretty consistent. I buy investment pieces and am very conscious of each piece I buy. I like to think that I will wear each piece forever and that they’re timeless. So I would say my style is classic and timeless. I have added a bit of colour lately which is out there for me but they have been well made classic shirts which I see myself wearing out for dinner, lunch or over bathers – I love keeping versatility in mind when shopping. Style icons for me would be: Christine Centenera, Carolyn Bessette and I am obsessed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the moment.

Us: Let’s talk about designers who, in your opinion, are setting a high standard and leading the charge in the sustainability space?

Jordie: I am loving brands like Maggie Marilyn, Wynn Hamlyn, Anna Quan and Nobody Denim who all ensure a living wage for their workers and trace their supply chain. 

Us: What are the top five favourite pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? (We’re guessing a designer handbag will be one of them.)

Jordie: These are all pieces I wear on high rotation and consider timeless:

  1. A tailored Camilla and Marc Blazer.
  2. Chanel classic Medium Flap Bag.
  3. Chanel classic sling backs.
  4. Michael Lo Sordo black silk tux shirt from After Eight
  5. And, I love my Ducie London Teddy Coat.


    Us: How do you strike the balance between entrepreneur and mum?

    Jordie: I haven’t for a long time but recently just hired someone to get back to my DM’s around 10 hours a week. This has been a huge help and relief knowing that people will be responded to and allowing me to be more present with the boys. I have structured my day that allows me to do school pick-up every day - I feel so grateful that I have created a business which allows me to do so.

    Us: When the clock strikes After Eight, what are the things you gravitate towards?

    Jordie: After eight is shopping time so that’s peak hour for Selling Your Wardrobe….so I literally climb into bed and it’s go time. The messages start coming in fast. Don’t worry, I am usually watching one of the Housewives series whilst doing this!

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