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Dale McCarthy From Luxury Swim and Resort Label, Bondi Born.

By Emma Petterwood

Citing contemporary Australian lifestyle as their inspiration, Bondi Born Founder and CEO, Dale McCarthy, and Creative Director, Karla Clarke, create elegant and sophisticated swimwear and resort wear. 

Using only the finest quality sustainable fabrics and premium craftsmanship, the luxury label aims to give every woman body confidence whilst elevating her personal style. And, of course, Bondi Born carries an ongoing commitment to uncompromising quality, ethical production, and sustainability.  

Commanding a loyal following of women from around the world, we are thrilled to have Bondi Born join After Eight.

We spoke to Dale McCarthy about her journey since founding the luxury swimwear label while simultaneously promoting sustainable and ethical values in fashion.

Me: We want to know the “why” behind what you do. What drives you?

Dale: After a fabulous 20 plus year career in advertising and media I felt compelled to start my own business. I love to work and I love to create so I conceived a brand that I would love working on every day and that the world would fall in love with.  While it has been an incredibly challenging journey, it has actually turned out to be very satisfying – I love nothing more than seeing women’s reactions when they discover Bondi Born and the confidence that wearing one of our swimsuits brings them.

Me: How have you seen your customer change since sustainability in fashion has become more in vogue?

Dale: Not really. We’ve been making sustainably and ethically in Australia for four years now. While we have entered new markets, the profile of our customer hasn’t changed much. She is still a mindful woman who appreciates understated style and quality, and wants to look and feel her best on the beach. What has changed is the awareness of and passion for sustainably that consumers are looking for, which is fantastic for both the world and for us.

Me: You’re driving change and setting higher standards in sustainability in the industry. Why is/has this been important to you?

Dale: I’ve been concerned about the environment and what we are doing to the world for quite a while now so if I don’t compromise on these values in my own private life, why would I create a business that does? While our focus will always be on making the world’s most stylish and highest quality swim and summer apparel, I genuinely believe we can do it in a way that helps women reduce their footprint on the planet, that we can find balance between profit and purpose as a business and that, in its own small way, BONDI BORN can be a force for good in the world.

Me: We often talk at After Eight about slowing down, so, we’d love to hear what you do to slow down in this fast-paced world we live in?

Dale: Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever “slowed down” in my life. It’s just the way I’m wired. I work long hours because I’m passionate about what I do and I’m not good at sitting still. Any spare time I have is spent with my husband, children and friends, usually with conversation and food involved. I do go for walks with girlfriends to chat and process life. And my guilty pleasure is Thai massages on a Sunday afternoon – where I promptly fall asleep on the massage table!

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